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Name: The Matrix Reloaded: Docker-ized and Multi-Platform Ready

Date/time: Wednesday, October 4, 2023, 3:50 PM - 4:35 PM Pacific Time


Join us for an enthralling session at DockerCon 2023 as we dive into the comprehensive process of building, optimising, and deploying multi-platform Docker containers from scratch.

Our project for the session will make use of the popular matrix terminal screensaver, cmatrix, originally written in C. We'll explore how, with this source-code, we can fully compile and build the cmatrix code within a container regardless of whether we are operating in a Linux, Windows or Mac Environment. We'll see how we can optimise this image so that it is a minimal size and can be run with ease as a container, from any architecture including amd, arm, ppc64le, and even s390x!

In this illuminating journey we will start by pulling a minimalistic base image from Alpine Linux and will then proceed to construct our Dockerfile. Throughout this journey, you'll witness the installation of necessary software, compilation of source code, handling of dependencies, and troubleshooting of errors, all within a container environment.

This interactive session also promises to unfold the methods to optimize a Dockerfile by merging commands, incorporating best practices, and leveraging multi-stage builds to significantly reduce the container image size.

The adventure doesn't end here, as we will push the container image to a registry. A crucial highlight of our session is the focus on building multi-platform Docker containers, a topic of growing importance in today's diversified tech ecosystem.

Whether you're a Docker beginner or a seasoned veteran, our session offers invaluable insights and hands-on knowledge to enhance your mastery of Docker containers.