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Name: Meet the 'Kubernetes Insider': The Docker Desktop Extension That Elevates Kubernetes Productivity

Date/time: Wednesday, October 4, 2023, 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM Pacific Time


In this enlightening session, I will be introducing my new revolutionary Docker Desktop Extension, the "Kubernetes Insider." Designed to automate port-forwarding and facilitate easy access to web services running in Kubernetes within Docker Desktop, this extension will augment productivity and simplify development and learning for all Docker Desktop users.

This presentation also illuminates the journey behind its creation, providing valuable insights for aspiring Docker Desktop extension developers.

Introduction and Rationale: We'll start with the background of the "Kubernetes Insider," including the reasons that led to its conception and the unique needs it addresses for users interacting with the built-in Kubernetes server in Docker Desktop.

Features and Benefits:

We'll dive into the key features of "Kubernetes Insider," showcasing how it automates the process of port-forwarding and accessing web services. This section will include a live demo of its friendly interface and its benefits to users.

Behind the Scenes – The Making of "Kubernetes Insider":

We'll explore the creation journey of our Docker Desktop Extension. This will cover the technical aspect, including bootstrapping of a Docker Desktop Extension and developing a React-based frontend even with little to no React development experience.

Development and Debugging:

We'll highlight the process of running the extension in development mode. We'll cover how you can add additional components to the extension using the VM subsection, enabling you to expand the extension's capabilities with the power of Docker Compose behind the scenes.

Documenting and Publishing Your Extension:

Finally, we will share best practices for documenting your extension, a critical step to ensure user-friendliness and seamless installation. We will also outline the steps for publishing your extension, helping your work reach a broader audience.