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Name: Docker and Nix

Date/time: Thursday, October 5, 2023, 3:40 PM - 4:25 PM Pacific Time


In this talk, you'll learn how to work with the Nix package ecosystem from your Docker application. We'll contrast Nix with other ecosystems like Debian and Alpine and highlight some of the unique properties that make it a compelling alternative. Does your team struggle with development and production environments that are not in sync? For example, are local environments built using Brew, while production Docker images are built using Alpine? You'll leave this talk knowing how to build projects where the development, CI, and production environments are built from the exact same set of packages. We'll provide a set of sample Docker applications that illustrate these patterns (including applications written using Python, Golang, Node.js, Java, Ruby, Rust, and Clojure). We'll also provide public GitHub repos so that attendees can experiment using their own Docker Desktops. Come and learn why Docker and Nix are such a great match.