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Name: Before and After Docker Init

Date/time: Wednesday, October 4, 2023, 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM Pacific Time


The recent launch of the Docker Init command has significantly simplified the process of generating Dockerfiles and Docker Compose templates for containerized applications. This presentation aims to explore the evolution of Docker deployment resources generation process, comparing its approach prior to the Docker Init command release and discussing the way forward. Before the introduction of the Docker Init command, I've been delivering some projects like the "alfresco-docker-installer"[1], which provides custom scripts and configurations to streamline the process of deploying Alfresco in Docker containers. These kinds of projects use tools like Yeoman or raw Python. There are some differences between a Docker Template for a technology (Go, Python, Node or Rust) and a Docker Template for a product (like Alfresco) that may be covered when generating automatic deployment resources. This presentation will delve into the methodologies employed before the Docker Init command:

  • Custom Dockerfile Extension
  • Compose Template for a complete product deployment, including a set of services like the database, content repository, search engine, or web application
  • Configuration Management, including techniques such as environment variable injection, externalized configuration files, and configuration overrides

Following the release of the Docker Init command, this presentation will provide insights into the possibilities and advantages it brings to complex products Docker deployment process. A PoC of a Docker Plugin, including this product-oriented approach for docker init, will be demoed live. >> Note that the Open Source Alfresco product is used only to explain the concepts of building a Docker Compose generator with a real example. This session is not intended to promote this product. [1]