Registration Opens

Sep 21

Submissions open

Oct 03
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Submission Deadline

Nov 07
2023 2744019-64b2b5f046307.svg5:00pm pt

Winners Announced

Nov 17

Eligibility criteria

  • AI/ML projects or models built using Docker technology and distributed through DockerHub
  • AI/ML integrations into Docker products which improves the developer experience
  • Enhancement or extensions of Docker products which make developers working with AI/ML more productive

What to Submit

  • A submission can be working applications, non-code proof of concepts or designs with strong concept validation
  • Submissions should be as close to a real world implementation as possible, though we understand that compromises have to be made.  We will accept submissions which might not be fully functional, but show strong proof of concept.
  • Submissions should include a 3-5 minute video of you showcasing your hack along with background and context.  We will not judge the submission on the quality or editing of the video itself.

Winning Criteria

Winners will receive prizes based on the various criteria including, but not limited to:

  • Applicability of solution
  • Innovativeness of solutions used
  • Incorporation of Docker tooling
  • Impact on developer experience & productivity

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